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Reducing carbon emissions means rapidly increasing deployment of wind and solar generation.

More wind and solar means more need for electricity storage.

Meeting this need is the mission of Silo Electric.

About Us

Silo Electric develops battery energy storage systems (BESS) in urban locations and other key intersections on the grid.

Without BESS, the intermittent electricity production of wind and solar facilities must be supplemented by power plants burning fossil fuels. These plants release harmful emissions and are often located in economically disadvantaged communities.

Reducing Emissions

BESS produce no emissions. They are safe and are unobtrusive and can be built close to where people live and work. By storing electricity and releasing when it is scarce, BESS smooth out wind and solar electricity production. BESS also provide cost-effective solutions for behind-the-scenes grid needs like frequency regulation, voltage support, and backup reserves.


BESS are able to solve these problems because the cost of lithium ion batteries has dropped by over 90% in the past decade, driven by demand for smartphones and electric vehicles. Silo Electric uses lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries that are safer, less expensive and more environmentally friendly than traditional consumer batteries, yet their weight and size makes them more economical at large sizes. It is now economically feasible to deploy grid-scale batteries. 


Silo Electric works with our landowner partners to uncover ideal properties for BESS. BESS are best located at specific points on the electric grid – either at the transmission level or the distribution level and generally in industrial or commercial zoned areas. BESS have relatively small footprints and a modular design, which unlock otherwise unbuildable land, creating value for landowners. Our in-house data analysis provides us a unique ability to find these prime locations.

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